Three conference rooms

…you can see below some of the events that have taken place!

Room capacity


Andronikos Room

Andronikos Room, the dimensions of which are 530 square metres, has the capacity to host 600 people for conferences (in theatrical ordinance). You will find below some of the conferences that have taken place in our hotel.

10/2010 20th Postgraduate Seminar of the Panhellenic Corporation of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery

03/2010 8th Greek-Cyprian Sports Medicine Conference

10/2009 24th Conference of the Greek Association of Fruit-Vegetable Science

09/2007 42nd Panhellenic Annual Dental-Mouth Session

06/2007 ‘International Adjusters Seminar’, International seminar for the confrontation of the problems of hail at the crops

10/2005 2-day Symposium “Modern Strategies of Confrontation of Danger Factors of Atherosclerosis

10/2005 International Conference for the Regional Press “The Greek Periphery” Owners of Daily Provincial Newspapers Union

11/2005 Intercompany Scientific Symposium “Oxidative Stress and Cardio-Kidney Syndrome” Greek Kidney Company

09/2004 47th Deans’ Session

03/2003 Informal Summit of Ministries of Interior and Justice of the E.U. within Presidency of 2003

Roxani Room I + II

They are 113 square metres long. One of them has an elevation of 3 metres. They have a capacity of 70 people each.

At the disposal of the attendants there is a range of tasty and practical coffee breaks for any case, as well as a wide variety of Lunch break or a sitting menu and rich buffets.

We provide the opportunity for you to have any kind of equipment (a microphonic one, translation cabins, recording, laptops, Data-projector, Video-projector, TV-Video, PC, printers, fax) after request at the conferences and events section.